How can Vanclaes maintain competitive pricing with a better product?
Vanclaes more expensive? Not at all!

How can Vanclaes maintain competitive pricing with a better product?

This can be explained by a mix of changes in the market as well as the changes that many companies in the Netherlands and abroad have implemented over the past decades. More and more companies have started outsourcing instead of doing things themselves. At Vanclaes, our philosophy has always been to do things ourselves since its inception. Whether it's marketing, sales, or production, Vanclaes does everything with a team of dedicated individuals who are passionate about what they do. Through various investments, such as in two modern but above all energy-efficient fiber laser machines, we not only save a lot of electricity but also dozens of transport movements per week.

Additionally, since 2020, Vanclaes has completely redesigned its factory according to the TOC-LEAN method. This allows us to save extremely on unnecessary intermediate stocks. By organizing ourselves more strictly, logically, and above all more efficiently as a production team, we achieve more with fewer resources. And you as a customer benefit from this because you don't have to pay for anything we don't do!

Changes in the market also play a major role. For example, the so-called polluting industry has become exponentially more expensive compared to the cleaner and more sustainable industry. By using stainless steel in all Vanclaes products instead of galvanized steel, Vanclaes has the advantage that a lot of transportation movements and the physical galvanizing process itself are not necessary. Galvanizing is a process that consumes a lot of energy because the zinc bath in which the parts are immersed must be kept at approximately 400 degrees day and night, 7 days a week. This consumes an extreme amount of gas, expensive man-hours, and in addition, the required raw materials, as everyone has noticed, have increased in price unprecedentedly.

In short, Vanclaes still produces in the same solid quality and delivers extraordinarily complete functionality and is therefore certainly not cheap; however, most other boat trailer brands have become very expensive due to all market developments and the associated price increases!

Why choose Vanclaes Base trailers?

At Vanclaes, the philosophy has never been to deliver the cheapest and most basic trailers; however, we notice that there is a high demand for high quality and reliability, but not always for the "over the top" roller systems for many customers. And yes, if the boat ramp is visited only once or twice a year and, for example, a low own weight is a more important factor, Vanclaes often could not serve these customers in the past due to its extensive loading systems.

This is of course a shame, and that's why Vanclaes has introduced the Base trailer. See it as an entry-level class, a great base to expand later or as a final solution because safe driving is the most important desire. The Vanclaes Base is, however you look at it, the best boat trailer chassis on the market, with the best axles, wheel bearings, and braking system, always equipped with waterproof LED lighting, and like all other models, constructed with utmost solidity. The friendly and extremely accessible pricing of the Vanclaes Base is unique in the market and therefore accessible to every wallet, while you do not compromise on quality, safety, and reliability.