• Better suited for salt water

    In contrast to standard drum brakes, both the swing arm and the calliper of our disc brakes are hot-dip galvanized. In addition, all small parts that operate the brake pads are made of stainless steel, making everything much more suitable for salt or brackish water.

  • 30% more braking force, so you stand still faster

    Disc brakes brake more powerfully and quietly than drum brakes, making it a lot safer for you when you are on the road with your expensive boat on your Vanclaes trailer. In addition, disc brakes are more resistant to overheating and are easy to clean and maintain.

  • 100% waterproof Oil-filled wheel bearings

    The axles of your Vanclaes boat trailer - when you select the option disc brakes - are coming with watertight oil-filled wheel bearings. You may have experienced it before, your boat trailer has stood still for a while, salt and brackish water has taken hold of the wheel bearings, they are completely stuck, no longer able to move. With our waterproof and oil-filled wheel bearings, that is a thing of the past.


We supply Ribs to both leisure and professionals, and because they are often used in saltwater, we advise our customers to always go for what we consider to be much better Disc brakes with oil-filled wheel bearings. Much less chance of malfunction and much easier and faster in maintenance!

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