• Your boat effortlessly in and out of the water

    Innovative, robust and practical are the first things that come to mind when you see the unique Vanclaes GYRO roller system. No more hours of adjustment of the individual rollers. No more broken or jammed keel rollers and incredible how easily the boat rolls on and off the trailer! Even the largest and heaviest boats roll smoothly from and onto the trailer and thanks to the built-in tilting system, a flat slope is no longer a problem to launching your boat smoothly in and out of the water.

  • How does it work?

    The GYRO roller system is a roller system that fully automatically follows the hull shape of your boat from a deep V to a flat bottom. The large flexible wheels turn effortlessly with the often complex shape of your boat and offer a very constant support exactly where your boat needs it.

  • Super self centering:

    The biggest nightmare when pulling the boat onto the trailer is losing the boat alongside the rollers, causing major damage. This problem is a thing of the past with the Vanclaes GYRO roller. The rollers rotate effortlessly with the hull shape and thus fully center the boat during the entire launching and retrieving process. The right support and centering of your boat is a fact at all times, without you having to make any effort.

No more broken and jammed keel rollers:

You have probably experienced it, broken keel rollers or rollers that no longer roll under pressure from the mass of the boat. This is also a thing of the past with the GYRO roller. Due to the large wheels and the good distribution of the mass of the boat, the boat always rolls smoothly on and off the trailer. No more spluttering, pushing and pulling along the waterfront. Ideal for aluminium boats that are known to cut the keel rollers through their sharp undersides.

SKI Boats with Fins or sailboats with retrievable keel:

The GYRO roller system is also the solution for SKI Boats with fins on the underside of the boat and Sailboats with a retrievable keel where a part of the keel, sword or sword box remains protruding under the boat. Leaving this usually difficult group of boats in and out of the water has become child's play with the Vanclaes GYRO roller system.


Stepped Hull:

By using the large wheels placed a short distance apart, the GYRO roller system also works flawlessly in combination with Stepped Hull boats and is therefore the only working solution for Stepped Hull boats on the boat trailer market.



Not a good slipway, or low water while your boat really needs to be launched there? The GYRO roller system is fully tiltable and this also happens fully automatically when the boat is let in and out of the water. You do not have to operate any locks that you can forget and the entire process is protected against breakdown and other dangerous situations that often occur with traditional tilt trailers.