Who is Vanclaes

We are the developer, brand name holder and producer of the Vanclaes Stainless Steel boat trailers and Vanclaes Marina Equipment. Vanclaes produces all its products itself in Alphen aan den Rijn.

Fast, affordable and also high-quality performance is top sport and not just for every company. Therefore, a lot of attention is paid at Vanclaes to the production of the various products.

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Team Vanclaes
Service, maintenance and repair
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Boat trailers

How to simplify the transportation of the boat to the shore, its immersion in water, as well as organize long-term storage? To solve these problems, the boat trailer was developed. In the Vanclaes catalog you will find 13 types of boat trailers for different boats. The boat trailer is made of stainless steel, which means that as a result it will perform its function for 10-15 years without deformations, rust or other problems. We offer to buy a boat trailer, designed for your boat. Thanks to individual production, it fits in size, so the boat is easy to install and remove. 

3 reasons to buy a boat trailer

Buying a high-quality trailer will help solve such problems:

  1. It will help you transport a boat if you are a traveler who likes to conquer and explore new waters.
  2. Provides lifting of the boat to the shore, which significantly increases its operational life due to the lack of constant contact with water.
  3. Allows you to store the ship in a specially designated place on land.

The Vanclaes boat trailer will help you without damage, without wasting time and other difficulties, to transport the vessel by any means of transport, launch it into the water and raise it back.

In our country, water recreation is very popular, and as a result, boat trailers in the Netherlands are very popular. They are one of the necessary types of equipment that allows you to fish, relax, travel, and engage in water sports on your own boat. Trailers provide mobility and allow you to move and store your boat effortlessly. Especially popular are boat trailers in Friesland, which is famous for its lakes. Therefore, the use of quality trailers eliminates any problems with the storage, transportation and operation of your boat. 

Cooperation with Vanclaes is also suitable for companies that sell large or small boats. The ability to offer a boat and boat trailer for sale will allow you to expand the list of customers and increase sales.

Mobile, Practical boat Trailer

You can choose the optimal solution depending on the characteristics of the water vessel using the following parameters:

  • boat type, weight, and other parameters;
  • wheel dimensions;
  • number of axes;
  • tiltable;
  • trailer length.

When designing our products, we first think about what a good boat trailer means to our customers. One of the most important factors is the resistance to the negative effects of water, atmospheric precipitation, solar radiation and other environmental factors, which is ensured by using the best quality stainless steel in the production process. Vanclaes is the only boat trailer builder in the boat trailer market who uses stainless steel for its trailers. This design solution reduces the weight of the boat trailer by 25 %, increases its mobility and simplifies its use - this is extremely important for a good trailer.

The LED elements and oil bearings in Vanclaes trailers are waterproof, so they don't need to be removed while immersed in water. This is the third sign of a high-quality and good product - we have made sure that you do not have to waste time on unnecessary actions and worries, just enjoy your vacation! The brake axles with optional disc brakes and shock absorbers are not afraid of mechanical loads and water, because it is made of hot-dip galvanized steel and powder-coated.

The boat trailer has a manual winch equipped with an automatic braking mechanism. Keel- and bow rollers retain the original appearance of the boat during operation without scratches and scuffs.


What trailers can I buy 

The company is engaged in the production of trailers and equipment for different kind of boats: 

  • motorboats;
  • inflatable RIB boats with a rigid hull;
  • small inflatable boats;
  • sloops and tenders;
  • jet skis;
  • fishing boats;
  • water skiing, wakeboarding boats;
  • sailboat with lifting keel;
  • keel boat.

A boat trailer, depending on the type of boat it is designed for, has its own characteristics and general characteristics. The maximum load capacity ranges from 360 kg to 15 tons. One of the main structural elements are wheels with a diameter of 13-15 inches. The length of trailers varies in the range of 450-850 cm. Depending on the type, boat trailers can have 1, 2 or 3 axles that have an adjustment mechanism. The maximum weight of the trailer structure is 3500 kg.

The fishing trailers features by a walk ramp, light blocks on the rear sidestep and the presence of a roller system. The Fishing Pro edition has for optimum comfort on the slipway standard an electric winch.

The boat trailer for a sailboat is distinguished by the presence of a lifting keel, adjustable dies, 2 V entry system and optional keel support. The keel boat model is characterized by a single keel support.


7 advantages of Vanclaes

We can create a custom trailer for your needs, such work involves measuring the boat, manufacturing and testing. The result is a boat trailer that is perfectly suited to the shape, center of gravity, and other parameters, ensuring even load distribution and easy adjustment.

A cheap boat trailers is not the most important thing, easily slipping on the slipway is even more important than that. Besides that, Vanclaes boat trailers have many more advantages:

  1. Creation of a trailer for a specific boat, taking into account its characteristics.
  2. Use of innovative design solutions in production: unique roller system, anti-theft protection.
  3. An affordable price that depends on the type, weight, size of the boat and loading system.
  4. Trial installation and setup of a boat with trailer.
  5. Guarantee of easy start-up and long-term operation.
  6. We work all over Europe and even a few countries outside of Europe, so you can buy a boat trailer in Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and other countries.
  7. Functionality, stylish and modern appearance of the device, which is maintained throughout the operational life.

Vanclaes allows you to buy a boat trailer not only online. We have a physical point of sale in Alphen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands, where you can visit the Vanclaes Experience Center to discuss the right trailer for your boat. Also we have an Experience center in Hamburg where you can buy a boat trailer in Germany.

You will also find a boat storage trailer in our range, so that your boat can be stored in the best possible conditions out of season.

Buy our products and we guarantee that the process of operating your boat will become even easier, and its transportation and launching - fast and safe!

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Our Customers

Vanclaes is happy to serve everyone when it comes to a new boat trailer and the service and maintenance of your boat trailer. Over the years we have built up a diversity of clients in addition to more than a thousand private Vanclaes owners.

Hobby & Sport

Fishing, Sailing, Water skiing and Racing are all examples of water sports hobbies that require more intensive use of the trailer. Vanclaes has the best solutions for all these hobby professionals.

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Emergency services & Enforcement

When every second counts and material cannot be a barrier to safety and employability, we increasingly see that this group of professionals opts for Vanclaes trailers. In addition to the right technological solutions and even customized solutions, we also offer the best continuity in service and maintenance.

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Customization, Mega Yachts and Garden Solutions

Vanclaes has been supplying both designs as complete technical solutions in the mega yacht industry to get smaller tender boats on board of a large yacht. These are often extremely complex situations where space, weight and reliability play an extremely large role.

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If the daily work means that you are on the road with a boat trailer through perhaps the whole of Europe, the material should be good and offer you what you expect from it. Vanclaes serves a huge group of professionals in engineering, dredging, survey and port services.

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