Who is Vanclaes

We are the developer, brand name holder and producer of the Vanclaes Stainless Steel boat trailers and Vanclaes Marina Equipment. Vanclaes produces all its products itself in Alphen aan den Rijn.

Fast, affordable and also high-quality performance is top sport and not just for every company. Therefore, a lot of attention is paid at Vanclaes to the production of the various products.

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Team Vanclaes
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Our Customers

Vanclaes is happy to serve everyone when it comes to a new boat trailer and the service and maintenance of your boat trailer. Over the years we have built up a diversity of clients in addition to more than a thousand private Vanclaes owners.

Hobby & Sport

Fishing, Sailing, Water skiing and Racing are all examples of water sports hobbies that require more intensive use of the trailer. Vanclaes has the best solutions for all these hobby professionals.

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Emergency services & Enforcement

When every second counts and material cannot be a barrier to safety and employability, we increasingly see that this group of professionals opts for Vanclaes trailers. In addition to the right technological solutions and even customized solutions, we also offer the best continuity in service and maintenance.

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Customization, Mega Yachts and Garden Solutions

Vanclaes has been supplying both designs as complete technical solutions in the mega yacht industry to get smaller tender boats on board of a large yacht. These are often extremely complex situations where space, weight and reliability play an extremely large role.

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If the daily work means that you are on the road with a boat trailer through perhaps the whole of Europe, the material should be good and offer you what you expect from it. Vanclaes serves a huge group of professionals in engineering, dredging, survey and port services.

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  • Vanclaes B.V. Gnephoek 18
    2401LP Alphen aan den Rijn