Becoming a Business Partner/Dealer

Vanclaes wants to build a strong, clear and reliable network of partners throughout Europe. That is why we work very hard every day to build and maintain this network. We are looking for trustworthy partners who want to and are able to sell our products.

If you are interested in selling our products, please make an appointment with one of the persons below.

Account Manager Netherlands and Belgium: Sybren Kramer +31 683 65 25 26
Account Manager Germany, Austria and Switzerland: Thorsten Schneider +49 172 29 72 326
Account Manager France: Francis Lelièvre +32 475 96 91 02
Or for other matters call / email with sales office staff: Sven Houtman +31 172 200 100

Vanclaes differentiates between its partners with Bronze, Silver and Gold labels. These are explained below:


A company with a background in trailer technology or other forms of vehicular technology, which specialises in repairing, maintaining and fine-tuning the Vanclaes boat trailer.

The Gold partner is a regional HUB and a distribution point for both Silver and Bronze partners in a specific area. In addition to nearly all Vanclaes Standard stainless steel boat trailers, the Gold partner always has several Vanclaes Customshop boat trailer demo units in stock. Additionally, the Gold partner is a regional service point for components, maintenance, service and repairs. The Gold partner also serves as regional representative to further expand and maintain the Vanclaes Partner network.


A boat construction or sales company, a marina or a company otherwise affiliated with the aquatic sports industry that regularly sells boat trailers and that has room and opportunity to show the Vanclaes products to clients. The Silver partner is directly connected to the regional Gold Partner and is able to purchase the Vanclaes boat trailers at a fixed discount. Vanclaes Customshop boat trailers can only be purchased and sold if the Silver partner also has a Vanclaes Customshop boat trailer demo unit.


A Vanclaes enthusiast who would like to sell the Vanclaes products, but who unfortunately does not have his own aquatic sports or trailer company or who lacks the space or opportunity to display and sell the Vanclaes products himself. The Bronze partner is directly connected to the regional Gold partner, which allows the Bronze partner to service Vanclaes clients without being the legal retailer himself. In case of a successful sale, the Gold partner pays an appropriate provision to the Bronze partner.

Becoming a Business Partner