Intake- and adjustment service

Nobody knows your boat as well as you do. At Vanclaes, we therefore focus intensively on the wishes and requirements of our customers concerning their boats. By far the most important service that we can offer you is a tailor-made 100% suitable and extensively tested boat trailer. A boat trailer that perfectly matches the shape and center of gravity of your boat. A boat trailer that from the first day is fully in service of your boat. A boat trailer that combines innovative technology with unrivaled ease of use. A boat trailer that rightfully deserves the designation "unique".

At the intake your boat is weighed, measured and the correct Vanclaes loading system is selected, based on the characteristics of the hull shape. After production of the tailor-made new trailer, it is expertly adjusted under the boat and things, such as the correct weight distribution over the axle(s) and the pressure on the hitch, are extensively checked and tested. We guarantee an effortless launch because this is thoroughly tested after adjustment. Of course it is important that the boat is in a "ready for action" condition at the setup because changes in weight distribution later on, can override a complete adjustment. So make sure that the boat is as it is when being used when we take care of the intake and adjustment.