What is a Fifthwheel boat trailer?
Make more possible with a Vanclaes Fifthwheel boat trailer

A Vanclaes Fifthwheel boat trailer is a boat trailer which is not connected with the 50 mm ball coupling to the rear side of the motor vehicle, but is connected on the motor vehicle above the rear axle. Such a vehicle is because of this not a (central axle) trailer, but a so called semi-trailer. The load capacity of this semi-trailer is far more than the capacity of a normal trailer. Where the load capacity of a normal trailer of 8 to 9 meters stops at about 2800 kg, the load capacity of the Vanclaes Fifthwheel boat trailer goes up till even 4300 kg. Of course this is also depending on the capacity of the motor vehicle, but in all cases it is allowed to drive with the standard European BE driver's licence. In case of only private use a tacho-disk is not mandatory. Beside of the extra load capacity the driving characteristics and safety are much more better then in case of a normal trailer. This is because of the distribution of load over the semi-trailer as well as the motor vehicle. Driving a Vanclaes Fifthwheel boat trailer is nearly the same as driving with a normal (boat) trailer.

Find out if a Vanclaes Fifthwheel trailer is also the solution for you.

Why a Vanclaes Fifthwheel boat trailer. You have more load capacity, more flexibility and more safety in carrying heavy ships. But maybe more important is that anybody with a BE driver's license can drive this combination. The complexity of driving a full trailer (with separate front axle) is not applicable. In addition, a Vanclaes Fifthwheel boat trailer offers you all the popular load carriers and fixation systems as used on the other models, such as the GYRO system, the bunk system, the keel- and bow roller systems and the carrying systems for sailing boats and catamarans. For the Vanclaes Fifthwheel boat trailer the water proof LED lights are standard, just like the availability of many Vanclaes options.

The technical side: The Vanclaes Fifthwheel boat trailer is based on the Vanclaes Custom boat trailer series and can therefore be made in almost any desired length. In terms of widths you can choose from 225 cm and 250 cm and because of the modular construction system that makes Vanclaes so special, all roller and stamping systems can also be integrated into the Vanclaes Fifthwheel trailer. Need even more load capacity? We can also provide a Vanclaes Fifthwheel trailer based on a Standard chassis that allows even more load capacity due to a lower own weight.

The unique Vanclaes Fifthwheel components
High Neck The fifthwheel goose neck (High and Low)

Principle, we know 2 types of motor vehicles suitable for the Vanclaes Fifthwheel boat trailer. The goose neck of the trailer makes the difference in this case. We speak about a “high goose neck” in case of a pickup truck and a “low goose neck” in case of a motor vehicle with a low chassis. Both necks are available and because of a smart bow support system you almost don’t lose space, so you can use the length optimally.

The electrical braking system

The Vanclaes Fifthwheel boat trailer is equipped with an electrical braking system and communicates with the motor vehicle over a 3 pin cable. By using the brake pedal, the braking system will be activated. The load sensors, in combination with the deceleration sensor and the actuator, provides you with an accurate and correct braking function. Because of the accuracy of the load sensors and the activated braking lights, the trailer “knows in before” that the braking function is desired, it results in a quick and smooth braking character for the complete combination. The wheel brakes are automatically self-adjusting. The system is attentive to changes in load and driving conditions of the motor vehicle and adjusts itself to all circumstances. As explained, the braking system complies with all requirements of the European regulations. In case of emergency, when the trailer brakes away, the braking system will be activated.

The support leg

With a central positioned support leg you easily can lift a full loaded Vanclaes Fifthwheel boat trailer from the motor vehicle and the other way around. Standard this support leg is manually operated, but there is also an electrical version.