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Vanclaes has been building various accessories and unique solutions for the Marina industry for many years. Vanclaes Marina Equipment became famous for the development and production of the automatic trailer ramp and therefore the creator of the Dry Marina on trailer concept. This patented piece of technology is 100% unique and offers many possibilities to expand your marina or storage area and thus increase your turnover considerably. Given the low costs of investment, but above all the complete exclusion of personnel costs, the return on investment is extremely good. If you want more information about our automatic trailer ramp, call or email one of our sales managers.

What else does Vanclaes Marina Equipment do?

But Vanclaes Marina Equipment does more. Over the years we have become a total supplier for marina and storage companies. For example, we have a wide delivery program of storage stands, boat trolleys, storage trailers, showroom stands and many other useful products to make your marina or storage site more efficient, safer and more user-friendly. We are also happy to help with project development around your harbour or any new construction projects, based on consultation. Vanclaes Marina Equipment has its own demo marina in Alphen aan den Rijn, so you can view and try out many of the solutions, devised and produced by us by appointment.

Reference projects
Automatic trailer ramp Jachthaven Warmond

This water sports association was looking for a solution for the ever-growing boat on trailer market. Clients who wants to park all year round their boat on their trailer and wants to launch the boat easily without the hassle of a stressfull reverse driving with the car. This trailer ramp is suitable for up to 3500 kg of trailerable boats.

Marina trailer multifunctional Yagt, Koudekerk a/d Rijn

The company Yagt is doing both new construction and refits at a very high level and was looking for a suitable multifunctional to move easily both heavy motor boats and sailing boats across the wharf. We have compiled and supplied this unique harbor trailer and it is used daily to transport boats to and from the paint shop.

Heavy boat stand Essence Yachts

This prestigious sailing yacht had to be transported to the USA and therefore they needed a very sturdy boat cradle, so that the boat with cradle as one package, could be lifted with the crane. We have now delivered three of these cradles and the transports are going effortlessly and safely as deck cargo on a large cargo ship.

Automatic trailer ramp Jachthaven van Wijk, Woubrugge

This commercial marina in Woubrugge wanted to be able to operate its storage halls, which are always full in winter, also in summer time at a good price. This is perfectly possible with Vanclaes' automatic trailer ramp, because everyone can now easily launch their boat by themselves. Without noise or dangerous situations, launching and retrieving boats is like a dream come true. With this automatic trailer ramp, a simple parking at the water side can already become a comercial marina.

Garden/Shore trailer Alphen aan den Rijn

Your boat directly behind your own garden into the water is a dream that many people have. Unfortunately, this is not always possible or permitted. Vanclaes makes dozens of so-called garden- or shore trailers every year, to easily launch and retrieve your boat in and out of your garden. These are always tailor-made projects, but due to our extensive experience and enormous program of trailer parts, we can almost always carry this out at a previously agreed price.

Garden / Shore trailer Haarlem

This customer wanted to be able to sail all year round and therefore store the boat in his own garden. This is of course also possible with a Vanclaes garden trailer.