Vanclaes Lorry Boat Trailers
No trailer is too big for Vanclaes!

Heavy air braked boat trailers with ABS from 5 to 15 tons of loading capacity. In addition to an extensive delivery program Standard and Fifthwheel boat trailers that all fall into the so-called O1 and O2 categories, Vanclaes also offers lorry boat trailers from the so-called O3 and O4 categories. These can be both center-axle trailers and semi-trailers with simple transport supports to heavy roller systems with which makes launching and retrieving the boat on the slipway still possible. We also regularly convert an existing truck chassis into a heavy-duty boat trailer with which you can slip yourself. These types of heavy trailers are almost always tailor-made projects and we therefore make a price estimate for each project.

We deliver both new construction and conversion of lorry trailers incl. Dutch or German license plate(registration). It also happens that we build this type of heavy boat trailers with a heavy duty overrun brakesystem or no brakes at all when the trailer leaves the EU or when delivered in an area where regulations are lesser or no importance. We also build heavy boat trailers for use on enclosed grounds or a Marina to be used as a slip and store trailer and do not come on public roads.

When we do your project you will get what you want at a clearly agreed price in advance!

Customer is king at Vanclaes and your logistics challenge is our logistics challenge. We would be happy to work with you to offer your heavy-duty vehicle when a normal or fifthwheel Vanclaes trailer isn't a suitable solution. We can do this in both stainless steel and ordinary structural steel and in terms of further options and possibilities many of our standards can often be used. The prices often prove to be interesting since we still do a lot of modular building and for sure clear to all parties in advance. A unique feature is that we also have our roller systems in a heavy variant available and can therefore slip at the boat ramp even with boats above 10 tonnes. Our own internal project designer is aware of all laws and regulations regarding vehicle layout and road transport and can therefore support you in everything to transport these types of large and heavy boats safely and within the European rules.

Do you have a heavy boat that needs a lorry boat trailer? Then contact us or visit the Vanclaes Exeprience Center in Alphen aan den Rijn.

Reference projects
Heavy 7.5 TON 3 axle for an Axopar 37 for customer in Africa

This heavy triple 2500 kg axle trailer equipped with an extra heavy overrun brake has a load capacity of 5.5 TON and can still easily let the boat in and out of the water on the trailer ramp. Waterproof LED lighting, Electric winch, Full stainless steel chassis and roller system. This trailer has been adjusted and tested by our professional staff and is therefore completely customized. Of course, this trailer can also be equipped with an air brake system and a removable light bar / underrun protection bar is therefore suitable for registration in Europe.

Conversion of existing loading trailer for 12 TON RIB

We have made this unique trailer for a customer from Belgium. This trailer is delivered with a EU registration and provided by us with a superstructure which can be opened hydraulically at the rear to allow the slightly wider boat to pass through during slipping. An extra heavy duty GYRO Roller system ensures that the customer, despite the weight of over 12 TON'S, can still effortlessly slip on the trailer ramp without having to drive the trailer underwater.

Conversion existing truck trailer for 5 TON motorboat

Easy to get into the water was the only thing that the customer was not yet able to do and for which he brought us in. We have therefore removed the existing roller system from the trailer and built a Vanclaes trailer chassis with a GYRO roller system on it so that the customer can now effortlessly launch his 5 TON boat on the slipway. We have also supplied a practical Jetski slip trailer that can be parked in the superstructure in the front and taken on and off by crane.