• Why does Vanclaes use stainless steel in its boat trailers?

    Vanclaes uses stainless steel to offer optimum protection against corrosion and rust. In addition to a disturbed appearance, a rusty trailer is unsafe and unreliable because it affects the strength of the steel. In addition, Vanclaes opts for stainless steel instead of galvanizing, because stainless steel is much lighter than galvanized steel. We save around 25% in our trailers compared to galvanized trailers. You can use this weight saving in the trailer's own weight as extra loading capacity for your boat or for additional options on your trailer which makes using the trailer much easier and more fun. In addition, stainless steel also offers superior rust protection in the event of damage, as it is like new after repair and a simple cleaning turn. Stainless steel is therefore rightly called a premium steel grade.

  • Better suited for saltwater!

    Stainless steel, contrary to what the name might suggest, is not "stainless" in all circumstances. Stainless steel must be cleaned from time to time in order to maintain its attractive appearance and good corrosion resistance. Certainly after contact with saltwater or brine. To clean the stainless steel, use a good stainless steel cleaner. This stainless steel cleaner can be applied with a cloth or simply sprayed on it after which the rubbing and rinsing gives a clean surface. Most stainless steel cleaners also leave a protective layer behind that protects the trailer against dirt and stain spots for a longer period of time.


“Vanclaes purchases more than 10 kilometres of stainless steel tube and staff material on an annual basis. We select the best stainless steel available for Vanclaes and ensure consistent quality that both Vanclaes and its customers can rely on.”

Patrick Stegenga - Fisher Edelstaal - Sneek

At Vanclaes, we go for sustainability and quality. Stainless steel is the only material in the world that offers the same rigidity as ordinary steel, and because there is no longer a galvanizing process, the production of our trailers is much more environmentally friendly, more durable and fits perfectly with the design. Recycling is possible up to 100% and without chemical processes, which places a lot less strain on our planet than with galvanized material.