• Waterproof LED lighting and No light bar

    Maritime products should be completely water-resistant and easy to work with. Vanclaes is the only boat trailer manufacturer that delivers on this promise as standard. At Vanclaes you benefit from not having a removable or foldable lightbar. We have arranged an exemption for this at Vanclaes in our European type approvals. This means sailing immediately without hassle at the slipway and even when driving off.

  • Safer and more visible!

    Thanks to the innovations from Vanclaes, one thing is certain: you can get into the water anytime, anywhere. The fully waterproof LED lighting also ensures more safety. Powered by an advanced microchip (a world premiere), this LED lighting provides "a better and faster perception through the following traffic". You are more visible under all circumstances and broken lights are a thing of the past.

  • Optimal ease of use and maximum safety

    We are your professional partner that you as a customer was waiting for. Vanclaes boat trailers assure you of high comfort, maximum safety and unprecedented sailing pleasure. Vanclaes combines innovative technology with optimum ease of use, so that you are always guaranteed the best boat trailer that you can wish for your boat. All this at competitive prices with the knowledge that a Vanclaes boat trailer will never let you down.


“With more than 200 launches per year, sometimes 5 shows on the same day, so also 5 launches, it is no longer having to fight with a lightbar that is really a big advantage and a saving of time and therefore money. We are therefore very satisfied with our Vanclaes trailers ”

Bo Krook - FlyboardTeam Netherlands