About Vanclaes

We are the developer, brand name holder and producer of the Vanclaes stainless steel boat trailers and Vanclaes Marina Equipment. Vanclaes produces its own products in Alphen aan den Rijn and exclusively supplies them to consumers all over Europe via a carefully selected network of dealers and partners. Stian Duijvelaar, entrepreneur and product developer, is the head of the organisation. Vanclaes is unique because it uses stainless steel in its products and because of its unique, highly functional designs. In addition to industrial products for the marina market, Vanclaes also has the widest range of boat trailers on the European market. This makes the company an ideal partner for aquatic sports companies that specialise in the sale of both smaller boats and bigger yachts. Naturally, price is an important part of this industry, which is why Vanclaes offers a suitable high-quality solution for every budget. Vanclaes is quick, affordable and the undisputed leader when it comes to quality.

Our Goals
  1. Better Functionalities.

    Vanclaes makes the ins and outs with a boat trailer easier and more accessible for you. Our products take care of the hassle along the waterside and on the road for you and provide you with unprecedented ease and comfort during use.

  2. High quality and reliability.

    Vanclaes builds and delivers 100% premium products with a long service life with a very high reliability and is therefore exceptional within the international boat trailer market.

  3. Aesthetically and ergonomically well and beautifully made.

    If a product still costs a little more, it must at least look like this and feel like that when used. The practical, but often also the particularly beautiful design and the used materials, makes a Vanclaes product so characteristic and unique.

Our approach
At Vanclaes you will be totally unburdened.

In addition to deliver a new ordered boat trailer, Vanclaes can also take the entire process to configurate the right boat trailer for you. We adjust it completely under the boat and proceed a complete test at the slipway. This process of selecting and adjusting the right boat trailer product is often underestimated and unfortunately often goes wrong. Not at Vanclaes; we are happy to arrange a professional intake for you. In addition to charting your personal wishes regarding the use of a new trailer, your boat will be measured and weighed, so that nothing is left to chance. When the new Vanclaes trailer comes out of the factory, it is adjusted under your boat and thoroughly tested. No surprises afterwards and a 100% working solution are therefore guaranteed.

Curious about what Vanclaes can do for you? Come and visit the Vanclaes Experience Center or one of our International Partners.

The people behind Vanclaes
Stian Duijvelaar - CEO / Owner

Director/owner, product developer/creator of the Vanclaes Boat Trailers and The Automatic Slipway but above all water sports enthusiastic. Stian prefers to walk around on the factory floor or talk to aquatic sports enthusiasts or entrepreneurs about how to improve the Vanclaes boat trailers and other Vanclaes products in the future.

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Sybren Kramer - Account Manager

Since September 2013, Sybren has joined the Vanclaes team. Sybren is a relationship builder and manager who, with his unbridled enthusiasm and love for water sports, has targetedly launched Vanclaes into the market.

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Sven Houtman - Sales and Aftersales Service Manager

Sven has joined the Vanclaes team from September 2019 to lead in particular the sales department and the service-, maintenance- and repair division of Vanclaes. Sven is a commercial technician who knows what he is talking about and can take care of malfunctions, parts and/or work on your Vanclaes with the help of his team of service engineers.

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Thorsten Schneider - Account Manager Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Since January 2020, Thorsten is the first German employee on board of the Vanclaes sales team. Due to the increasingly growing activities of Vanclaes in Germany, it is particularly nice that Vanclaes also has an Account Manager for all German-speaking areas.

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Mirjam Mirjam Voskuilen - Work preparation, purchasing and inventory management

Mirjam joined the Vanclaes team in early 2014. Purchasing, production control and inventory management are just a few of her strong suits. Her years of experience with modular production and assembly are an excellent match with the unique production process of the Vanclaes boat trailers.

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Dries Kaufman - Technical advisor for vehicles and regulations and quality control

After his career at the RDW, Dries was asked by Stian to join him when the idea to build his own boat trailer truly began to take shape. Partly due to the innovative character of the Vanclaes boat trailers and the use of – for this conservative market – highly unusual techniques, materials and designs,

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Levi Muis - Work preparation and technical draftsman

Since 2018, Levi has come on board at Vanclaes as work planner, technical developer and project manager. His years of experience in modern metalworking, and in particular in the processing of stainless steel, are very useful for the (further) development of the high-quality boat trailers

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Ed Stam - Leader of the Vanclaes Production and Service Team

The line-up of Vanclaes staff in our office is impressive, but without Ed and his technical crew that produces and services the Vanclaes products with passion and dedication every day it would be useless. Production of the many components, final products and custom designs is handled by a group of enthusiastic and expert employees.

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  • Vanclaes is approachable

    You can view, test and buy the Vanclaes boat trailers at the Vanclaes Experience Center. Together we will go through your boat and your wishes for use and we will immediately make a suitable offer for you.

  • Vanclaes provides solutions

    Because of our enormously wide range of both normal boat trailers up to 3500 kg, as well as heavy trailers, marina trailers and everything in between, we have for sure the most suitable solution available for you.

  • Very large partner network

    The Vanclaes boat trailers are available throughout Europe, Amerika and Israel through our carefully selected Business Partners.


“The great thing about Vanclaes is that they work tailor-made. If you have a special request, that is always negotiable. But the "standard" trailers at Vanclaes are already so complete that there is little left to be desired ... "

Ingmar Boersma
President SNB