How can Vanclaes maintain competitive pricing with a better product?

With Vanclaes, you get a total supplier for all mobility and storage solutions around boats

Vanclaes has the largest assortment of boat trailers in the entire European market. From small jetski or dinghy trailers to heavy-duty air-braked trailers. Vanclaes has a suitable trailer solution for every budget. This means that Vanclaes is your total supplier for both a simple, highly affordable basic trailer and the heaviest truck trailer with heavy-duty roller systems.

Vanclaes exclusively delivers its trailers through the Vanclaes business partner network. Our partners are therefore an important and highly valued gateway to the European consumer. We support our partners intensively through personal attention and a range of streamlined online solutions that make selling a boat trailer easier for you. For example, we offer our partners a free website integration solution, allowing you to always display the desired Vanclaes products, up to date and in your language and currency, without having to invest time or energy. Of course, in your own house style and with your own logo and contact details.

In addition, you can order online, track orders, customize trailers, save and edit quotes, and if desired, we can even create your own private label trailers that are only available to you and your own customers. But of course, it doesn't all have to be online, you can always just call or email us, because at Vanclaes, real people answer the phone and are there for you.

These and the other unique benefits listed below come with a partnership with Vanclaes:

  • Low initial investment
  • Best delivery terms
  • Best margins
  • Easier to sell than another brand of boat trailer because of "best product at the best price"
  • Unprecedented online and offline support from Vanclaes
  • No stock obligation
  • Internationally focused through the multilingual website and currencies
  • Modern online web integration and ordering systems
  • Joint marketing actions and support
  • POS materials available
  • Extra 2% payment discount for online orders paid in advance
  • Vanclaes invests heavily in brand awareness and is therefore represented at almost all (inter)national trade fairs and various online and offline media in Europe
  • Our trailers have full EU type approval

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