• Sustainable protection of your boat trailer

    Steel has only one drawback, it must be protected against rust. With your Vanclaes boat trailer, we have applied a Triple Layer protection to all parts that are not made of stainless steel for durable protection of your boat trailer.

  • Three layers of innovative protection

    By protecting our boat trailers in this way, salt or other forms of attack on the boat trailer will not get a chance to damage your boat trailer.

  • Our Triple Layer Protection consists of:

    As a first layer, the steel is hot-dip galvanized inside and outside by immersion in a galvanizing bath. The parts are then immersed in a KTL (Cathodic dip painting) bath, creating a salt-resistant lacquer layer and a perfect primer around it. The final step is a powder coating of epoxy in the colour anthracite. Thanks to these three layers, we guarantee years of protection against rust when used in saltwater.


"I have seen many trailers in my life, but when I saw the Vanclaes Custom boat trailer with its anthracite walk platforms for the first time, I was immediately enthusiastic and knew that I wanted to offer these trailers to my customers"

Stephen Byfield - South London Trailer Centre