Stian Duijvelaar – Director, Owner and Product Developer

Stian Duijvelaar

Manager/owner/product developer/designer of the Vanclaes boat trailers and the automated trailer ramp, but most of all an aquatic sports enthusiast. At age 19, after being a skipper on a local ferry in the weekends for years, Stian began working as an ice-cream salesman on the Dutch lakes in addition to his regular education. This company took off quickly, leading to 6 ice-cream boats and 5 ice-cream mopeds in no time at all. The plot he rented for storage of the boats and bikes had to be expanded and before long, parts of it were hired out to clients who wanted to store their boats or boat trailers.

After several successful years with many small and large investments, this location at the Zinkweg 9 in Alphen aan den Rijn became the basis for what is now known as the Dry Marina. The clients of the Dry Marina can store their boat throughout the year on a boat trailer in their own storage box. A remarkable user-friendly automated trailer ramp system allows them to easily launch their own boat without the use of a car or other heavy equipment.

The automated trailer ramp was Stian’s first step towards developing a product that manages to resolve a number of inconveniences while providing a solution that is as simple as it is effective. By now, this unique automated trailer ramp has been sold to a number of domestic and foreign marinas, municipalities and project developers. Like the Vanclaes boat trailers and boat storage systems, it is produced entirely in Vanclaes’ own factory.

Through the Dry Marina and the automated trailer ramp, Stian frequently came into contact with all kinds of brands and types of boat trailers. As a dealer for one of the Dutch brands, many boat trailers were sold and delivered to both clients of his marina and to outsiders. However, dissatisfaction with the boat trailers available on the market and the lack of user-friendliness made Stian decide to design, develop and ultimately produce the ultimate boat trailer himself.

At the end of 2012, this resulted in the creation of the Vanclaes boat trailer as we now know it. The Vanclaes boat trailer was unveiled during the HISWA Amsterdam Boat Show in 2013. This was just the first of many trade shows and events where Vanclaes made a big impression with its unique design and high levels of quality and functionality.

The crowning achievement was winning the DAME Award during the METS, the international Marine Equipment Tradeshow in Amsterdam. A panel of twelve international judges awarded the highest aquatic sports-related award to Vanclaes for its innovative character and durable design. Barely a year after its introduction, the one hundredth Vanclaes Customshop boat trailer rolled off the assembly line. This shows that Stian is definitely not the only one to recognise the advantages of a Vanclaes Customshop boat trailer. Stian wants to make his ideas and the products he develops available for everyone, however, which is why he also developed the Vanclaes Standard Boot Trailers, which were introduced in the summer of 2014.

Stian prefers to walk around on the factory floor or talk to aquatic sports enthusiasts or entrepreneurs about ways to further improve the Vanclaes boat trailers and other Vanclaes products.However, he can also frequently be found in the Vanclaes Experience Center or at Vanclaes events or tradeshows. In addition to plotting and maintaining the course of Vanclaes and his other companies, Stian, assisted by his entire sales team, is also actively involved with both national and international business partners and dealers.