Vanclaes Standard stainless steel boat trailers

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High quality stainless steel boat trailers with luxury standard equipment for a very affordable price. Vanclaes offers an extensive delivery program Standard boat trailers which is financially accessible to anyone, looking for a boat trailer in the premium segment. The Vanclaes Standard boat trailer serie owes its name to the use of standard trading profiles to build the chassis. Despite the "standard" character of these Standard boat trailers, Vanclaes does offer its customers many unique technical and functional advantages, making it by far the best and most complete choice if you are going to buy a new quality boat trailer.

Vanclaes offers its customers a very extensive standard equipment!

For example, Vanclaes offers standard on all Standard boat trailers: a fully stainless steel chassis, waterproof LED lighting, waterproof wheel bearings, boat-type specific scratch- and scuff-free rollers or stamps, a centering device and a self-braking winch with safety belt. You need to remove a lightbar no longer, so super fast, easy and safe launching of the boat is guaranteed.

In addition, at Vanclaes you also have no additional costs for the license plate, declaration of conformity and the disposal fee for the tires. Your Standard stainless steel Vanclaes is just complete as it should be without annoying additional costs afterwards.

You purchase our Standard stainless steel boat trailers through our partners or at the Vanclaes Experience Center in Alphen aan den Rijn.

Practical "best-selling" options
Electric Winch Electric winch, incl. battery, battery box and charger

Although our roller systems are known to be super easy to get in and out of the water, there is nothing better than simply pressing a button on your remote control to launch or retrieve your boat.

Spare wheel on stainless steel bracket

A spare wheel suitable for your trailer is definitely recommended. You probably never use the spare tire but it is nice to know that, despite a flat tire on a Sunday evening, you still can continue your way.

Wide stainless steel gangplank with anti-slip in the middle

Easily launching and retrieving your boat on the slipway is unfortunately not obvious. The slipway is often slippery and wet and there is no jetty from which you can easily reach your boat. With this gangway you leave nothing to chance and you always get on board safely.

Plastic storage box

Super handy for storing wet and dirty straps and the hitch lock or wheel clamp that you actually do not want to have in the back of your car. This box can be closed with a padlock.

Nano coating - for extra salt water and brine protection

This transparent two-component industrial coating offers a very long-term protection against dirt and stain spots. By applying this coating on all stainless steel parts you can easily rinse dirt, brine, soot and salt water from your Vanclaes.

Intake and adjustment package

Every boat trailer, including a Vanclaes boat trailer, must be adjusted under the boat. Because otherwise the loading system may not work properly, the winch pole cannot stop the boat properly and a dangerous and illegal situation can arise if there is too high or too low a towball pressure. Putting the boat in the right position on to the trailer as well as adjusting the rollers, outriggers, bow support and axles and therewith the braking system is a crucial step towards a properly functioning boat trailer and is by far our most sold option.