Vanclaes Fifthwheel trailer

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Make more possible with a Vanclaes Fifthwheel boat trailer

A Vanclaes Fifthwheel boat trailer is a boat trailer which is not connected with the 50 mm ball coupling to the rear side of the motor vehicle, but is connected on the motor vehicle above the rear axle. Such a vehicle is because of this not a (central axle) trailer, but a so called semi-trailer. The load capacity of this semi-trailer is far more than the capacity of a normal trailer. Where the load capacity of a normal trailer of 8 to 9 meters stops at about 2800 kg, the load capacity of the Vanclaes Fifthwheel boat trailer goes up till even 4300 kg. Of course this is also depending on the capacity of the motor vehicle, but in all cases it is allowed to drive with the standard European BE driver's licence. In case of only private use a tacho-disk is not mandatory. Beside of the extra load capacity the driving characteristics and safety are much more better then in case of a normal trailer. This is because of the distribution of load over the semi-trailer as well as the motor vehicle. Driving a Vanclaes Fifthwheel boat trailer is nearly the same as driving with a normal (boat) trailer.


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