Prolan Heavy Enduro corrosion protector

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Gives long-lasting protection to stainless steel

Prolan Heavy Enduro is made from natural products, making it an eco-friendly alternative to protect stainless steel from the elements. 

  • Highly penetrating, penetrates metal and gives it a protective coating with long-term protection
  • The lanolin content prevents oxygen from reaching the surface
  • Moisture repellent and does not wash away and resists high-pressure cleaning of 170 bar, this by allowing at least 72 hours drying after application
  • Resistant to acids, salts, fertilisers, acetone and thinner and corrosive elements in general
  • Harmless to glass, or treated, painted surfaces in general.
  • ProLan is only easily removed with odourless petroleum
  • UV-resistant for up to 24 months
  • It leaves a repellent surface and provides long-term protection 
  • The product is ideally suited for long-term use in salty environments.
  • Apply it with the spray can and rub out with a microfibre cloth. It can also be processed with a roller or spray gun if necessary.

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