Nautique 1800 -14"- 600 braked 1 axle

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Product model:
Adjustable Stamps: 4
Boat Type: Keelboat
Unique GYRO Roller System: No
Gross Weight: 1800 kg
Payload: 1465 kg
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Vanclaes Nautique Stainless Steel Standard Boat Trailer Braked
The Nautique is suitable for Sailing boats with fixed keel. The wiring is concealed within the chassis and can be connected to your car’s outlet with a 13-pin (Jaeger) plug connector.

The robust chassis of this boat trailer, as well as the steel parts of the hull supports and the bow support are made entirely out of stainless steel. As well for all the fasteners and fittings to adjust the height of the pads. The extensive use of stainless steel is what makes this boat trailer so unique.
This boat trailer features two light bars with 100% waterproof LED lights that can be extended over a length of one meter.
The thermally galvanized axle line is manufactured by the high-quality German brand WAP and features waterproof stainless steel compact bearings. Optional we can supply you with disc brakes which are equipped with 100% waterproof oil-filled wheel bearings. The Vanclaes scuff & scratch proof hull pads are completely made out of an non marking material.

The adjustable bow support can easily be adjusted vertically and lengthwise. The keel support is adjustable in length and the hull supports can be freely moved in height and lengthwise.

This trailer can be expanded with many options and accessories to further increase the ease of use and the comfort.
Our advice concerning options and accessories is as follows: 
  • Spare wheel and bracket (for extra safety on the road)
  • Set of ratchet straps (you are required to properly secure your load)
  • Light processor (not all cars can handle LED lights properly)
Options to consider:
  • Storage boxes
All Vanclaes boat trailers have a full European type approval and will be delivered with a certificate of confirmation. This COC document is already included in the price!

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Boat details
Adjustable Stamps
Boat Type
Unique GYRO Roller System
Gross Weight
1800 kg
Trailer specifications
1465 kg
Keel Support
Tire size
14 inch
Trailer length
600 cm
1 Axle
Trailer width
210 cm
Trailer weight
335 kg