• Specialist in Custom Boat Trailers for Military Applications

    At Vanclaes, we understand that military, defense, and security services have unique requirements when it comes to transporting their boats. As a leading supplier of high-quality boat trailers, we have extensive experience in providing tailor-made solutions for this demanding clientele. Whether you work for defense, police, coast guard, rescue services, fire departments, professional divers, or tactical units, Vanclaes is ready to provide trailers that meet the highest standards of reliability and functionality.

Why Vanclaes for Military Boat Trailers?
  • Experience and Expertise:

    Vanclaes has a proven track record in supplying trailers to various defense-related agencies. Our years of experience enable us to understand the specific requirements and challenges posed by military applications.

  • Custom Solutions:

    We recognize that standard solutions may not always meet the unique needs of defense and security services. Therefore, we offer comprehensive customization options to meet your specific requirements, whether it's custom dimensions, additional security, or specific technological integrations.

  • Quick Response and Flexibility:

    Speed is essential in military operations. Vanclaes is known for its ability to respond quickly and deliver tailor-made solutions within tight deadlines. We understand the urgency of your missions and ensure that your trailers are ready for any challenge.

  • Direct Delivery and Partnerships:

    Vanclaes delivers directly to defense organizations and collaborates with partners supplying boats to these agencies. This ensures seamless integration of trailers into your overall operational package.

Unparalleled Diversity: From Unbraked to Heavy Air-Braked Trailers and Semitrailers

At Vanclaes, we understand that the needs of military and security services are diverse. Therefore, we offer an extensive range of boat trailers, ranging from unbraked trailers to heavy air-braked semitrailers and everything in between. Our goal is to provide solutions that seamlessly align with your specific requirements, regardless of complexity.

Customization to the Smallest Details

We believe that no challenge is too big. That's why we go beyond standard solutions, offering full customization for your boat trailer. From NATO couplings and plugs to height-adjustable drawbars, waterproof lighting, and additional work lamps – at Vanclaes, we handle it all. Your special requests are our priority.

Unique Vanclaes Torsion Spring System: Designed for Rough Terrain

Our unique Vanclaes torsion spring system is designed for performance in rough and uneven terrain. This ensures optimal stability and maneuverability, even under the most demanding conditions. We strive to provide you with a trailer that not only meets but exceeds your expectations, regardless of the terrain you operate in.

Your Partner in Mission-Oriented Trailers

Vanclaes is more than just a supplier; we are your partner in achieving missions. Whether it's a quick response, flexibility in customization, or reliability in the field, we are ready to meet all your requirements. Contact us today and discover how we can deliver the perfect boat trailer that aligns with your unique needs and challenges. At Vanclaes, we take pride in making your missions a success.