Axopar 37 Excelleron GYRO 7500 - 12m drum braked 3 axle non-approved

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33.756,33 excl. VAT
Product model:
Boat Type: Consoleboat, Motorboat, Speedboat
Unique GYRO Roller System: Yes
GYRO roller system: 7x2x2
Axles: 3 Axles
Tiltable: no
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Excelleron GYRO 7500 -12m drum braked 3 axle non-approved

Important! This trailer is a non-approved version and can therefore not be provided with a license plate. Vanclaes offers an air-braked approved option that can be provided with a license plate.

The Vanclaes Excelleron GYRO braked boat trailer is especialy for Motorboats, Console boats and Speed boats with a V-Hull or a so-called “stepped-hull”.

The wiring is neatly concealed in the base frame and is connected to the socket of your car by a 13-pin (Jaeger type) plug. The entire basic frame of this boat trailer as well as the steel parts of the loading system and the winch post are made entirely of stainless steel.

By using stainless steel instead of the standard hot-dip galvanized steel in the market, the Vanclaes trailers have the advantage that they are much lighter with an often even stronger and more robust chassis. So in addition to the enormous qualitative and aesthetic advantages of this much more luxurious and beautiful material, a weight saving of +/- 25% is also a fact, which results in a higher load capacity and more possibilities for applying fine and practical options that you can help during driving as well as on the trailer ramp.

This boat trailer has two light bars that can be extended over a length of one meter and are equipped with 100% waterproof LED lighting. So you do not have to remove first the lighting from the boat trailer before launching the boat.

All fasteners the GYRO-Rollersystem can be adjusted in height and width are also made of stainless steel, which means that without great weight gain, many extra conveniences are offered when leaving the boat in and out of the water.

The hot-dip galvanized and then anthracite powder-coated braked axle line is from the German top brand WAP and is equipped with stainless steel water-resistant compact bearings. If you choose the disc brakes option, 100% waterproof oil bearings are supplied as standard. In addition, every braked trailer comes standard with shock absorbers on each axle line. The overrun brake is also standard, after the hot-dip galvanizing, anthracite powder coated.

All GYRO rollers are 100% scratch and scuff-free.

The winch post and the bow support can easily be adjusted in length and height.

The automatically braked luxury safety hand winch comes standard with a solid winch belt.

The prices of all Vanclaes braked road trailers are included costs of the mandatory C.O.C. document and removal fee for the tires. So complete and no surprises afterwards.


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Boat details
Boat Type
Consoleboat, Motorboat, Speedboat
Unique GYRO Roller System
Trailer specifications
GYRO roller system
3 Axles